"It's all about the passion and how badly you want it.

    You can't crack under pressure.”

    With only 2 weeks for prep. the Singapore based film production company #castleislandpictures  achieved an impossible mission. Due to Joseph's tight training schedule to prepare and compete at the Asian Games, we had only 4 hours with him to film his scenes for the latest Toyota Road Safety campaign, part of the "Start your impossible"​ campaign. Working under a lot of pressure with Director Jochen Schmoll, specialised in action sports and cinematographer Max Penzel with a solid experience shooting cars, we manage to film the five locations with Schooling in the 4 hours window. We tailored a detailed schedule. The precise schedule was the result of a close early collaboration between the agency, producer, director and cinematographer.


    The national swimming hero who keeps his eyes on the road.

    He may have achieved one of his biggest goals in the pool, but Joseph knows that out on the roads, there's still work to be done. That's why he is an active champion of road safety in Singapore, and in particular, safety awareness and the education of children.

    We elaborated a precise camera choreography. At one particular moment, we had five RED film cameras rolling simultaneously to capture the action at the pool, including a crane, dolly, steady cam, fixed cam and underwater camera.


    Trying to follow Schooling swimming at top speed, while filming at 300 fps to create slow motion is not an easy job. Specially knowing that you only have one or two chances to capture that shot.

    With only 2 weeks of prep. and a very tight production schedule we had a second challenge. Two days after filming, Toyota Motor Asia Pacific was announcing the Asia roll out of Toyota's first ever global corporate initiative, 'Start Your Impossible'. Presenting at an event in Singapore that it has formed region-wide partnership with 12 Olympic and Paralympic aspirants across Asia, including athletes from eight countries: Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, India, Vietnam and Pakistan


    We had to complete the post-production for the 2 minutes commercial in only 2 days after filming. It was very tough but it showed me that it is possible to achieve these results working with the right team, trust and understanding.

    Award winning underwater cinematographer Nihal Friedel and Head of 3D lighting department at Lucas Film Singapore, used two underwater jets to follow Schooling, using his RED camera and Gates housing. Nihal is a Master diver, we worked together before and I knew he could get those difficult shots in a very limited amount of time.

    Other challenging scene was the “road accident”. We had to stop the shooting for heavy rain. The stunt drivers did a great job driving on a wet surface. Bryan Lee, expert drone operator capture the action with precision following the car from above at different levels. Working on a complex production, large crew, celebrities and tight schedule you can’t afford to crack under pressure. Trusting the team and yourself is vital. After several days of heavy drinking coffee and poor sleeping, I said to the director that if we would safe just one life with this road safety campaign it would be worth all the effort.

    Creative Director Joao Flores and his creative team at Dentsu X crafted a very ambitious but beautiful script. Despite the difficulties of this job I decided to jump into this project because its social message.