In every job there is a challenge and in this production, it was to include 5 houses of horror inside a single 2 min. video, Director and producer Miguel Almagro came up with the concept of connecting the victims with the main character: The Undertaker. We decided to film the story like a film trailer and tease the audiences to the live show at Universal Studios Singapore.


    We presented to the agency and client film references like Se7n, Evil dead, The Forest, Shutter Island. This was very important to set the mood and also the level of quality that the director wanted to achieve in every scene. Cinematographer Juffrie Friday really appreciated to work with a clear vision and ambicious direction. The selection of the locations and cast was very important. Because we had only budget to film 2 days we had to recreate a prison cell and an abandoned circus tent inside The Undertaker warehouse and create a motel room from scratch.

    Universal Studios provided the talent and make up artist for the horror characters. It was a great experience working with them. Despite the tight schedule, we had moments for some laughs and scares.

    Working closely with their creative team and agency was very important to set the line on how far and graphic we could be.


    We used the Castle Island Pictures film camera, a RED CAM filming in RAW. Cinematographer Juffrie Friday selected the COOKE lenses S5i. We achieved a cinema-quality image for this Film Trailer type commercial. It was a lot of fun and we are now teased to do more horror films productions.